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Advances In Seed Science And Technology (volume 3):forest Tree Seed Technology And Management

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Dr. (Prof.) Vanangamudi K , Natarajan K , Saravanan T , Natarajan N , Umarani R , Bharathi A , Srimathi P


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ISBN:   9788177542967
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The forest area in most of the countries is declining at an alarming rate and efforts must be immediately taken to increase the production of forest trees. The use of good quality seeds is an absolute necessity which involves the implementation of the advanced forest tree seed technologies. Hence, this volume is edited with the objective to provide knowledge on the aspects of forest tree seed technology and management.
This volume has a compilation of information on the progress that has been made in the areas of seed biology, biotechnological aspects of tree seed regeneration, nursery management techniques for production of elite trees, physiological aspects of seed germination, vigour, seed enhancement, pest management of forest trees, reforestation; ecological aspects like use of tree seeds in water clarification and revegetation of minespoils, selecting candidate plus trees for tree improvement and biological nitrogen fixation.
This volume also provides an understanding of all the aspects of forest tree seed technology and management like brief introduction of the tree species, phenology, fruit and seed, seed collection, seed extraction, seed cleaning and drying, seed grading, seed storage, germination and dormancy, presowing seed treatment, seed testing, and nursery techniques in important tropical and temperate forest trees.
This volume will be useful to the students and teachers at UG and PG level, researchers and forest officers.

Dr. (Prof.) Vanangamudi K

Table of Contents..

Part I: Recent Approaches in Tree Seed Science and Technology

  1. Approaches in Reforestation and Tree Improvement
  2. Pollination and Fertilization in Forest Trees
  3. Flower and Fruit Structures in Forest Trees
  4. Tree Seed Structure and Biology
  5. Selection and Candidate Plus Trees for Tree Seed Collection
  6. Establishment and Management of Seed Stands/Seed Production Areas in Tree Improvement Programmes
  7. The Prospects and Problems of Seed Orchards in Forest Trees
  8. Pollen Management in Seed Orchards
  9. Factors Affecting Forest Tree Seed Production
  10. Seed Source on Tree Seed Germination and Vigour Potential
  11. Seed Pelleting in Tree Species
  12. Incubation, Drying and Separation Method to Separate Viable from Non-Viable Seeds of Tree Species
  13. Botanical Seed Treatment for Increasing Germination and Seedling Vigour of Important Trees
  14. Seed Quality Enhancement Technologies for Maximizing the Tree Seed Quality
  15. Seed Quality Enhancement in Neem, Jamun, Kapok and Amla
  16. Seed Enhancement Technologies for Improvement of Viability and Vigour in Pungam, Vagai, Tamarind and Karuvel
  17. Allelopathy - Consequences and Uses
  18. Physiological Manipulations to Improve Germination, Survival and Establishment in Tree Species
  19. Germination and Vigour of Neem Seed Under Moisture Stress Environment
  20. Factors Affecting the Longevity of Recalcitrant Seeds
  21. Tree Seed Pathology
  22. A Reliable Quick Viability Test in Few Tropical Tree Species
  23. Assessment of Vigour in Tree Seeds
  24. Recent Trends in Somatic Embryogenesis and Synthetic Seed for Tree Seed Regeneration
  25. Nursery Management Techniques for Elite Seedling Production in Tree Species
  26. Tree Plantation Techniques for Arid Regions of India
  27. Regeneration Technologies for Bamboos
  28. Integrated Nutrient Management in Dalbergia sissoo Roxb. in Normal and Alkaline Soils
  29. Biological Nitrogen Fixation in Forest Trees
  30. Pest Management in Tree Plantations
  31. Revitalisation of Industrial Effluents for Enhancing Seed Germination and Seedling Survival
  32. Use of Tree Seeds in Water Clarification
  33. Revegetation of Minespoils By Soil and Seed Management Techniques
  34. Imperative of Rain Water Harvesting and Reuse and Recycling in Cities of South
  35. Forest Tree Seed Research in Tamil Nadu
  36. Biological Reclamation as A Sustainability Indicator

Part II: Special Topics

  1. Production and Marketing of Forest Products in India
  2. Current Trend Sin Urban Forestry
  3. Recreational Forestry

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Table of Contents..
Advances in Seed Science and Technology (VOLUME 3):Forest Tree Seed Te..
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