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At AGROBIOS (INDIA) it is team activity - we cultivate and optimize the talents not just of our Authors and Editors, but also of our production, marketing, promotion, distribution and sales.

You are an Important Asset

At AGROBIOS (INDIA) we are devoted to the dissemination of scientific information around the world and make all efforts towards achieving this goal.

Our Strength

AGROBIOS (INDIA) integrity is unquestionable and its excellence in production standards ensures a high quality product. We are transparent and are in a position to offer personalized attention to our Authors from the concept stage to the final book.

Our Independence

AGROBIOS (INDIA) independence ensures quick decisions to publish in the shortest time.

Synergies in Marketing and Promoting Globally

AGROBIOS (INDIA), through its marketing network and infrastructure is committed to making available your book across the globe. This effort is supported and supplemented via our direct mail campaigns to all major bookstores and institutions globally and nationwide. Our Distributing Partners attends major international book fairs to market your book but also organizes numerous displays at universities / institutions throughout the year. AGROBIOS (INDIA) efforts ensures the longest possible shelve life for your book.

Peer Reviews

All projects go through a editorial process and review. The confidentiality of the author is maintained during the review process and comments shared with the author for improvements.

Excellence in Publishing

AGROBIOS (INDIA) imprint is respected across the globe. Our books are accepted and used by Researchers, Teachers and Students in universities in various countries, confirming the fact that we maintain excellent standards.

Planning to Write?

Please complete the Book Proposal Form and submit online. Alternately please download and mail it to us by post. We may also be contacted via editorial@agrobiosonline.com

No Objection Certificate / Permission Form

Please use this form to request for permission to use or quote from already published in your work.

Permissions Editor:

Please return the request form to:

Behind Nasrani Cinema, Chopsani Road, Jodhpur 342003 (India)
Tel: +91 291 2643993; 2642319
E.Mail: agrobiosindia@gmail.com; info@agrobiosinline.com
Website: http://www.agrobiosonline.com